Polenta Porridge

Polenta makes a great breakfast and is super quick too. Bub prefers hers with a mashed banana or pear puree. Polenta fingers can also be made by cooling the mixture on a tray, refrigerating for 15 mins and then cutting into fingers. If the fingers are too cool, warm them for a minute or so in a hot pan. I often make savoury polenta fingers as an accompaniment to chicken or fish, using chicken or gluten free veg stock. Makes enough for a bub and an adult.

1 cup of milk alternative
1/3 cup quick cook polenta

Heat the milk alternative till it starts to bubble at the edges. Whisk the polenta through in a steady stream, taking care as mixture will be hot. Keep whisking for a minute then turn off the heat. The polenta should have combined with the liquid to form a paste. Allow to cool before serving.



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