I found it very daunting at the beginning not cooking with key staples such as dairy, wheat and nuts but armed with few allergy friendly store cupboard essentials, I’m now ready to rock and roll!

Milk Substitutes
Bub and I have tried a number of alternatives to milk, including nut and coconut milks but have settled on hemp milk which is available in most large supermarkets and health food shops. The calcium is equivalent to cow’s milk and it has the added bonus of omega 3. However, the fat content is quite low in comparison to cow’s milk so I add fats into bub’s diets through other ways.

Gluten free flours
So far, I’ve been using the Doves Farm range for all our gluten free flours and baking ingredients. These include plain flour, self-raising and baking powder, all of which are readily available from large supermarkets or health food stores. I have recently however, begun to mix my own flour blends courtesy of Cybele Pascal’s The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook. It’s a bit US centric but I’m experimenting with adapting her recipes for UK, sugar and salt free versions for bub and will post soon.

Silicon baking ware and utensils
How did I ever cook without silicon? Truly genius. My silicon whisk always rescues the lumpiest of white sauces while the loaf, muffin and square tins have saved me endless faffing and washing up. Recently, I’ve found quite a few silicon baking ware in pound stores as well as in the local Wilkinsons

Egg Replacers
There’s a few on the market but I quite like the Ener-g brand. It is from the US but available in most health food stores or online. I also use flaxseed powder mixed with water as an egg substitute but due to its consistency it tends to be better suited to pancakes and banana breads.

Butter and Margarine Alternatives
We must get through at least one tub of dairy free spread a week! I use it everywhere: on rice cakes, mixed through pasta, on vegetables and have recently discovered mixing a generous lump through hot rice makes a delicious, creamy pseudo risotto! There are a number on the market including Pure but I quite like the Sainsburys own free from version. Some of the other ones tasted quite salty so we avoid those.

Other resources

I got some brilliant ideas through the website and book. 


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