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We figured out Allergy Bub (bub) had food allergies at about 9 months, when she stared vomiting and coming out in hives after eating certain foods. I actually thought she had caught chicken pox from one of her little pals but a fantastic friend suggested that the rash was in fact hives and that bub may be allergic to something. Boom! Suddenly it all started to make sense; the sleepless nights, the screaming and rubbing of the face in the high chair during meal times and general grouchy behaviour.

One by one, we started eliminating the culprits beginning with dairy, then nuts, followed by egg and finally gluten. At each elimination, bub seemed to improve and now sleeps much better both through the night and during the day and is quite a happy, cheeky little monkey.

We tried hydrolised protein formula milks but the taste of mummy milk had corrupted her! As a result, I breastfed till bub was about 18 months and had to change my diet too. However, now bub drinks hemp milk and is eating ever increasing amounts of food during meal times.

Baby-led weaning, though at times hideously messy, has been quite helpful in that if a food causes an instant reaction, bub will avoid it or throw it like a missle across the kitchen floor!


For a long time I thought I was actually going bonkers and that I was making bub’s allergies up. The negative blood tests on dairy and gluten confirmed this! But she did come up positive for egg, peanut and sesame. Something still wasn’t right – every time she ate dairy, wheat or meat she would sleep badly and have blood in her stool. I felt helpless and that nobody was listening. However, I persevered and armed with a detailed food diary done in Excel by food and reaction I paid the cash and went to see a food allergy specialist at St.Thomas’s in London. He confirmed that but had FPIES (food protein induced entercolitis) basically her gut was unable to digest protein. Once we eliminated the protein and focused on the protein she could digest, she was like the baby I knew at 6 months but cooler! I was angry though that I had to go private and kept feeling guilty about the people who are unable to do so which is partly why I did this blog. Once we had been referred by the specialist, we were able to go back to our GP and access the specialist through the the NHS. 


On the advice of the specialist, once bub reached 12months, we were encouraged to try small amounts of cooked egg in baking. This was successful so we were able to introduce quorn into her diet as it contains egg. This was great and another way to get protein into her diet as she was still reacting to meat and fish. At about 2.5 years we were sent on a dairy challenge which was successful. Since then bub has slowly been able to tolerate more types of protein such that now, at the age of 5, she doesn’t have FPIES but is still allergic (conventional IgE) to peanuts and walnuts. We carry Epipens but so far have not needed to use them though we probably should have when she ingested walnut about 6 months ago but managed the situation through anti-histamines. It is scary though especially now that she’s at school but it’s just another worry line on my forehead! 


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  1. Louise says:

    So pleased to have found your website. We have the exact same situation with our little boy Charlie and finding your tried and tested recipes has brought a smile to my face. Thank you for taking the time to create this blog xxx hope your little one is well

    1. Really pleased recipes are useful. Biggest challenge I found was including protein in bub’s diet.Pleased to report that she’s 3 now and has grown out of most things though am still uber cautious and if there’s even a slight hint of a reaction fall back to these recipes!

  2. Sarah says:

    What does a cup equal in grams for us UK people? Thanks!

    PS for a rather reluctant mummy whose 7 month old has told her in no uncertains terms that he isn’t being spoon fed and who is dairy allergic and also seemingly egg intolerant, your website is a godsend. Thanks

    1. Hi there. Really pleased to hear the blog is useful. Cups are great honestly – I just use one of those plastic beakers from ikea! But if you prefer grams which is fair enough as I’m a bit too slap dash then check out this link: http://www.chelsea.co.nz/content/baking-guide/weights-measures-conversions.aspx

  3. Grace says:

    Thank you for documenting your journey – this almost made me cry because I was feeling so overwhelmed and burdened as the breastfeeding mom feeling like I can never wean. My son is 8 months and has dairy/soy/eggs/nuts allergies and I suspect fish as well. Your tips about protein and fat are so great!

    1. Am really pleased that blog is useful. Honestly it does get easier just make sure you look after yourself with breastfeeding too. My hair started to fall out in clumps due to the stress. Started working out a bit more and eating avocados on an industrial scale! Will update with more recipes soon. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Meghan says:

    Just came across your blog and I am so greatful for all of your hard work and great ideas. My son has the same allergies and a few more -we are still figuring out what he can eat. I am not a cook but I am learning (just discovered that chickpea flour is a thing!). I am trying to deal with my own anxiety so that I can make sure he is getting all of the nutrients he needs. Anyways, thanks again!

    1. Hi it really is a journey and I totally understand your situation. Lucky for us our bub now 5 has grown out of most things but I still use flaxseed in muffins and use chick pea flours where I can. Both of my kids also view chick peas as a treat in their lunch boxes!! It’s almost comical! Good luck and feel free to post alternatives if they work better.

  5. lucyorme says:


    Am just navigating my way round your great blog. My 2 sons also have food intolerance issues (which we are still figuring out). I’d be really interested to know more about your medical journey if possible (who diagnosed fpies and how you’ve figured it all out what bubs can can can’t eat – it took us 2.5 years with munchkin #1 and we are still figuring out munchkin #2 age 10m). Sorry if you’ve covered this but I can’t seem to find it. Great job on the blog!

    Please contact me via my blog:

    1. Hi there I have been so tardy on updates but have recently updated the our story and about sections. Hope this is useful. Will also contact you.

  6. Alex mcgaffin says:

    Do you have social media to follow? Getting ready to start weaning baby number 2 and I want to keep it safe for my egg allergic son who’s 3. Love your ideas

    1. Hi there. I’m so pleased this blog is still useful. Unfortunately I don’t have any social media but I have updated the about us and our story sections. I also have a few more recipes I need to put up. Thanks for the comment.

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